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Mehdi TAZI

BigData/Cloud - IS Architect
Scrum Master
IoT PhD Student

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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Hello, I'm a Big Data/Cloud Architect from Fez, Morocco living in Paris, France.

I have an Engineering degree in Software Engineering & Master 2 degree in Distributed information systems, I m also an academic (a PhD Student), my researches focus on The Internet of Things (IoT) Virtualization field, and more specially about a definition of :A Micro-Clouds sensors virtualization and composition approach for the Internet of Things.

I currently work as an Architect, where I spend most of my time designing Information Systems architectures & managing projects using scrum methodology. Setting-up technical, functional and organisational architectures is my daily job, I also design & code JAVA/Scala/Python BigData/Cloud/NoSQL softwares.

Since I was 14 years old, computer science became my passion, so a software engineer is not just a job for me.

I also participate in opensource projects. Or I make mine.

Beside Computer science field, i'm a Science, Philosophy & Psychology lover. Learning about those fields brings me a lot of joy.

Arts play a big role in my life too, I like playing music or taking photographs from time to time.

During my vacation, I enjoy discovering new cultures.

My Skills

Project Management

Managing agile projects according to Scrum Methodology using tools like : JIRA Agile,Crucible ,Confluence , Redmine, Trello, RallyDev, Quality Center and Jenkins, Sonar for deployments and code quality.

Information Systems Architecture

Architecting Technical, Functional and organisational solutions, but also Architecting, Designing and coding JAVA/JEE, Spring, BigData/NoSQL, Relational Databases, Distributed & Cloud solutions.

Distributed & Cloud Solutions

Designing & Coding Distributed Solutions like Microservices, WOA, SOA, N-Tiers, RPC, MOM, ORB, ESB and WS using : Kafka, Spark, Distributed Solutions, WebServices(REST/SOAP), JMS, EJBs, RMI, CORBA...
Deploying for Cloud solutions like : Appengine & Cloudbess.

RDBMS & BigData/NoSQL Solutions

Architecting Designing & Coding BigData/NoSQL & Relational databases solutions under several distributions like Hortonworks and Cloudera using : Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase, Kafka, Redis, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig, Parquet...

Front End Engineering

Designing Front End (Web & Desktop) applications using : Spring MVC, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery, AngularJS, JavaScript/Ajax, WebGL.

Back End Engineering

Designing Back End applications using : JAVA/JEE, Spring CORE,Spring DATA, JPA/Hibernate, JMS, WebServices(REST/SOAP), Maven, Tomcat.
Coding Unit, Integration and automation tests using JUnit, Mockito and MockServer

Business Fields

Business Travel
Electronic payment
Web Accessibility

Basic knowledges in some Buisiness fields like : Business Travel, E-Commerce, Electronic payment and Web Accessibility.

Other technologies

In addition to the mentioned technologies and frameworks, I have already used the following technologies either for professional or personal purposes : JSON, XML, GIT, SVN, Hybris, Liferay, RaspberryPi ,Spring Social, SQL, XNA, OpenGL, WebGL, Unity, C#/.NET, C++, Scala, IOT.



Other than the professional and everyday communication, I can act as a keynote speaker or trainer.


Hadoop Hortonworks Administrator(2016) Hadoop Hortonworks Administrator and Trainer. Spring CORE Certified(2015) Spring CORE Certified. Apache Cassandra Java Developer Certified(2014) Apache Cassandra Java Developer Certified. Scrum Master ScrumAlliance Certified(2013) Scrum Master ScrumAlliance Certified. MongoDB Java Developer Certified(2013) MongoDB Java Developer Certified. MongoDB Administrator Certified(2013) MongoDB Administrator Certified. Cisco CCNA Certified(2010) Cisco CCNA Certified.

Curriculum Vitae

Abstract CV status : updated ! last update - May 2018
Detailed CV status : outdated ! last update - May 2018 visit my linkedin profil

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