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Who I'am

Hello, Welcome to my portfolio website! My name is Mehdi TAZI, I'm an Entrepreneur & Data Architect from Fez, Morocco living in Paris, France.

I have an Engineering degree in Software Engineering & Master 2 degree in Distributed information systems, I m also an academic (a PhD Student), my researches focus on the definition of 'sensors virtualization and composition approach for the Internet of Things'. I am also an author and reviewer of articles and books mainly related to the field of technology and data architecture, sharing my expertise and insights with a wider audience.

Currently I work as a Big Data/Cloud Architect, my role involves in designing and evolving a Data Platform, incorporating concepts like Datamesh and LakeHouse predominantly on AWS in a multi-cloud context with high focus on governance, data quality and UX. My daily tasks include setting-up technical, functional, and organizational solutions, enhancing data platform tooling according to the company strategy, setting-up guidelines, making the platform observable and well-governed, onboarding new teams into the platform, defining or validating their architectures, and assisting in the implementation of their use cases with a focus on cost and performance optimizations. My role involves also in managing projects mainly using agile methodologies.

I've been passionate about computer science since the age of 14 and being a software architect is more than just a job for me. In addition, I find satisfaction in building and investing in businesses related to Software, Real estate and Stocks.

Aisde from Business & Computer science fields, I enjoy learning new things mainly in the Economy, Science & Philosophy fields. During my time off, I enjoy traveling and discovering new cultures.

Successfull Businesses & Investments


I have been fortunate to rise successful businesses and investments, which have given me valuable experience and insight into the world of entrepreneurship. I'm always on the lookout for new and innovative opportunities.

Projects Completed



Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to delivering high-quality work and have successfully completed over 100 projects to date, showcasing my skills and abilities.

Countries Visited


I have a passion for exploring new cultures and have been fortunate to visit 44 countries so far, broadening my perspectives and gaining valuable experiences along the way.

Authored Books & Articles



I have a dedication for simplifying complex ideas. I've authored and reviewed books in software engineering and data architecture fields, while also sharing insights on Medium and synthesized publications on LinkedIn to make this field more accessible.



of working experience in data & distributed systems

In this section, I'll summarize my professional education, experiences and skills.

My Skills

Distributed Systems
BigData Platforms ( Hadoop, Spark.. )
Data Architecture
Databases ( NoSQL, RDBMS.. )
Data Governance
Public Cloud
Streaming Platforms
Solutions Architecture
Software Development
Industrialisation & DevOps

More info :

2017 - Today

Leading the company, responsible for the Consulting and Trainings offers. Offering the services for big customers like : Engie, Decathlon, AXA, Societe General, La Poste, BNP, EDF...

2022 - 2023

Data Architect
Design the data platform architecture & establish it roadmap, Design data solutions architecture and help implementing it, Accompany teams to implement their use cases.

2018 - 2022

Principal BigData Cloud Architect
Design the data platform, implement it main features & it tranversal tooling, Design solutions achitectures, accompany teams onboarding their use cases of the big data platform, Training teams.

2017 - 2018

Senior Big Data Architect
Administration of AXA cloudera clusters, Design DevOPS & Automation solutions, Implement platform & infrastructure features.
PhD Student IoT

2016 -

Thesis : Internet of Things virtualization for cyber physical mobile systems composition. For more information you can check this poster
Master 2 MIAGE

2010 - 2011

Specialized in Distributed information systems and Management
Softwae Engineering

2006 - 2010

Specialized in software engineering

2000 - 2045

15+ Certifications
Obtained certifications in AWS, Hadoop, Datascience, MongoDB, C*, Architecture, Scala & Java, Spring...
- Data Platform Design: Consulting and Designing Data Platforms, LakeHouses, Datalakes, Datalabs and Modern data stack solutions: Organization, Architecture, Modeling, Governance, Security and Monitoring and Data Observability.
- IT Architecture Strategy: Participating in the development and maintenance of the IT architectural strategy and vision of enterprise architecture by continually evaluating trends in technology and business needs as well as selecting, designing and supporting implementation of new solutions for business transformation.
- Integration: Designing and integrating existing systems, BI, analytical systems, data science systems with the (big)data platform.
- Requirements & Monitoring: Collecting business requirements, setting-up functional & technical solutions, then implementing monitoring & audits
- Data Layer Design: Designing ingestion, exchange, logging/archiving, modeling and exposition big data layers/zones.
- High Availability: Setting-up BRP & BCP and Designing highly available, reactive, real-time, secure and governed solutions
- BigData Architecture: Coding, Consulting and designing architectures distributed/Parallel scalable BigData/NoSQL solutions.
- Data Engineering: Data Engineering using Java/Scala/Python: AirFlow, Spark, DBT, AWS(EMR,GLUE,Athena,Lambda), Databricks…
- Automation & DevOps: Infrastructures & projects industrialization/Automation: DevOps, Infrastructure as code, MLOPS & Engineering stacks
- Technical Writing: Pre-sales and Writing technical specifications.
- Presentations: Technical Keynote speaker and trainer.
- Accompany teams: Accompany teams setuping & onboarding their use cases
- Leadership & Planning: Coach, Lead, Estimate, Plan, Organize and monitor projects.
- Team Coordination: Animate meetings and motivate teams, Facilitate relations between and within teams.
- Communication: Communicate on the goals & visions and write reports to the top management.
- Release & Backlog Management: Prepare the releases, iterations and update the user stories and the backlog with the product owner.
- Product Breakdown: Split the product into Use cases and prepare the releases, then Split Use cases into tasks and prepares the iterations.
- Resource Management: Establishment of resources availability and of the production capacity tables.
- Indicators: Generating indicators like (BurnUp/Down charts, Team velocity, Tasks monitoring, Code Quality,Scope).
- Risk Management: Identifications and risks management.

- Storage & Format: C*, MongoDB, DynamoDB, CosmosDB, HBase, Redis, Postgres, RDS, HDFS, S3/Glacier, ADLS2,…DELTA, PARQUET, CSV, XML, JSON, YAML, AVRO
- Processing & Streaming: Kafka, Kinesis, Spark, HADOOP, AWS Glue, EMR, DMS, Lambda, EKS, DBT, Talend, Dataiku
- Storage & Format: C*, MongoDB, DynamoDB, CosmosDB, HBase, Redis, Postgres, RDS, HDFS, S3/Glacier, ADLS2,…DELTA, PARQUET, CSV, XML, JSON, YAML, AVRO
- Processing & Streaming: Kafka, Kinesis, Spark, HADOOP, AWS Glue, EMR, DMS, Lambda, EKS, DBT, Talend, Dataiku
- Consumption & Exposition: Athena, Impala, Trino/Presto, GraphQL/REST, PowerBI, QuickSight, SageMaker
- Automation: Docker, Airflow, Ansible, CloudFormation, Azure DevOPS, Jenkins, Terraform
- Environments: OnPremise, Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Hybride architectures
- Distributions/Providers: AWS, Azure, Cloudera, Confluent/Aiven
- Languages: Python, Scala, Java, SQL, CQL, JS

Entrepreships & Investments


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IT INSIGHT is a highly skilled start-up that provides creative products & services and deliver innovative solutions that improve clients business. It focuses on three main activities, IT Consulting & Delivery, Trainings and online products offer.

Our team of highly skilled consultants & trainers offers customized solutions and top-notch advice to meet the demands of the market, and specialized trainings in the latest technology trends, including Big Data, Cloud ...
The company also have a variety of products that meet the needs of both B2B and B2C customers.


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TAZI GROUP is a Holding company that invests in stocks, start-ups and own other companies. This small holding is focused on supporting and investing in businesses of a small scale. We understand that not all businesses require large investments and that is why we strive to be a reliable partner for companies that are just starting out or in need of a boost. If you are seeking an investor who is committed to your success, feel free to reach out to us. We are open to discussing opportunities and finding ways to help you reach your goals.


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TAZI INVEST is a real estate company specialized in buying, renovating and renting properties. We offer a full service and guidance to find the perfect property.


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